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Friday, 20 April 2012

Nico Rosberg - "Tyres are a big issue"

Nico Rosberg - "Tyres are a big issue"

Hot off his maiden win in Formula 1 German Nico Rosberg has calmed talks of a second Mercedes win in successive weekends by highlighting the teams tyre wear is worse than ever. Rosberg took a commanding victory in China last weekend seemingly silencing the critics over Mercedes GP high tyre wear, but after FP1 Nico commented saying he feels "tyres are a big issue" for the team.

The Brackley based team have admittedly always struggled with high tyre wear but it came apparent this season was a greater amount than previous seasons. This problem has been made even more bitter as the team had a stroke of genius producing the "Super F-duct" which gives them immense 1 lap pace, but before China they could not convert this into the results needed to challenge for both championships.

The cooler climate of China allowed the Team & Nico to manage the tyre wear to a minimal amount helping the talented son of Keke Rosberg grab his 1st race victory. Many people also feel the high tyre wear demonstrated in the previous races this season helped the team get there tyres up to optimum temperature quicker than others, therefore allowing them to deliver quicker laps times earlier into the drivers stint.

Although the problem was thought to be fixed Rosberg  has highlighted he feels the team will struggle with the tyres this weekend.

"We have to analyse things. In general, conditions are probably the worst they have been here with the tyres overheating.

"We learned a lot and we are looking much better than maybe we would have thought. But we need to see where we are. We are having to make changes because out there it's very unusual - conditions are very tough."

"The tyres are a big issue because they are just going away like nothing but it's the same problem for everybody," he added. "It will improve a bit. Let's see how many tyres we are going to need in the race."

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