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Within this blog you can expect to find all the latest news related to Formula 1 & its Jr. series (GP2 & GP3) This is my first ever blog so feel free to leave comments on how I am doing or Tweet me @PhillipNunesF1 with your views.


Welcome to my Blog. This is my first attempt at blogging and I intend for it to be a success so please feel free to leave comments saying how I am doing and your opinion on the latest F1 news.

Everything written on this site is by myself - Phillip Nunes

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Work Experience

Work Experience 

As you will all be aware I am now an apprentice engineer for Sahara Force India F1 Team but to get there I had to do a lot of work experience. This is because it looks great first of all on your cv and helps you of course learn the trade you are wishing ti enter in.

I would highly recommend taking part in work experience even if it's not exactly related to your trade. For example I now work in motorsport engineer but I have previously helped out in a local mechanics garage. This helps you learn how to work in the real world, how to communicate and conduct yourself with an employer.

I have been hugely lucky as my farther has worked in Formula 1 for over 20 years and has also spent 2 years in GP2 & GP3 (2010&2011). This offered me a lot of possibilities and of course I snapped them up.

Below are images paired with a small snippet of writing showing some of the work I have done in my past to build up to where I am now...

2008 was the year I truly new I want a career in Formula 1. This lead to me being able to help out ING Renault F1 team at the famous mid season Silverstone test. Within this I was able to work on all parts of the car, meet Fernando again and get another insight into what it would be like to have this career.

In the 2010 GP3 series calender I only helped the Addax Team the Silverstone series within there garage as number two for each of the cars as I was not legible to enter the pit lane. This is because you have to be a registered team member and this year I was not. 

I competed with Addax GP3 Team for the whole of the 2011 Jr. series season. I was an extra pair of hand to help when needed + worked with the trucky to prepare all the weekends tyres to correct pressures. I was also involved with pit stops and did the pit board for 1 of he 3 drivers at each race weekend.

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