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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alonso "A Lot of Work Needed"

Alonso "A Lot of Work Needed"

Spaniard Fernando Alonso has stated that Scuderia Ferrari Team & himself  need to work on there understanding of the F2012. The Italian based team seemingly struggled during preseason testing this season whilst trying to learn about there new car and its "radical" design.

Alonso has also stated he needs to adapt to the new car and tyres as the lack of rear downforce & softer compounds of Pirelli tyres is proving difficult. The 2012 spec cars have a lot less rear grip due to banning of off-throttle blown exhaust. The Pirelli tyres have also made all there compounds softer meaning quicker loss of grip and the tyre manufacture has also closed the gaps between each tyre compound.

"We definitely still need to improve a lot, working on our understanding of the F2012, adapting my driving style to a new car which, with the loss of aerodynamic downforce at the rear and the new Pirelli tyres, is a bit harder to drive."

Along with Fernando stating the team needs to work hard to get the F2012 to the front of the grid Technical Director Pat Fry has ruled out a podium chance for the team in Melbourne due to the lack of understanding of the new car. Stefano Domenicali has also been quoted as saying the new exhaust design will not be ready until late may - which is roughly where the Monaco Grand Prix is scheduled. 

The 2005 & 2006 world drivers champion has tried to calm the tifosi's nerves by saying no one can tell the true pace of any team until Qualifying arrives at Albert Park.

"I know the fans always expect to hear me say that we can obtain such and such a result, but the truth is that we cannot say with certainty where we are. We must wait until Saturday evening at six, after qualifying."

Despite the continuing worries coming out of the 16 time constructors champion team rivals are refusing to rule the Italians out of the championship and a race win in Melbourne. There has been just as much media reporting Ferrari as sandbagging in preseason testing than there has been as labeling them off pace.

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