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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Alonso "Small Steps To Make A Difference"

Alonso "Small Steps To Make A Difference"

Fernando Alonso has commented after the opening weekend believing small steps can make a huge difference as the whole field is so tight. The Spaniard admits the Ferrari team are not where they want to be in the F2012 and that there is a massive amount of work to do before they can even start to think about race wins.

The Ferrari team suffered there worst Qualifying since 2010. Both Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa were out in Q2 and the F2012 seemed to be struggling with rear mechanical & aero-dynamical grip. Massa confirmed the fears of the Tifosi when he said "its worse than we thought."

Despite this Fernando Alonso dragged the Ferrari car around Albert Park on Sunday and grabbed a vital 5th posistion, this helps himself and Ferrari not fall to far back in the championships after 1 round.

"Today we salvaged a lot more points than we expected. We only lost three or five to the favourites and a few more to Button, but maybe there will not be a clear dominator like last year and maybe no one will open such a big gap as Vettel did in 2011."

"That could be good for us. But we have look at ourselves and improve tenth by tenth. There are maybe 12 cars in the same second this year, so gaining two or three tenths is much more important than in the past. So that's what we have to do for Malaysia and China."

The 2005 & 2006 world champion also added he was sad to see Williams driver Pastor Maldonado crash out in his mirrors, but was also relieved that the pressure was off.

"I felt sorry when I looked in the mirror and saw he was out because he deserved fifth or sixth. But it was also a relief."

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