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Friday, 9 March 2012

Barcelona & Valencia To Share Spanish Grand Prix

Barcelona & Valencia To Share Spanish Grand Prix

Bernie Ecclestone has today announced after the 2012 Formula 1 season both Circuit De Catalunya & the street circuit of Valencia will joint host the Spanish Grand Prix. This means the circuits will alternate each year starting in the 2013 season and therefore only being one Spanish based race held

"Both Valencia and Barcelona have agreed that the best (situation) is to alternate and now we are trying to choose the dates," Bernie Ecclestone to Radio Valencia-Cadena.

This decision has come after many complaints from the Formula 1 fans about the level or racing that goes on during the Valencia GP. Many fans and teams believe that the circuit does not offer a good spectacle and after a year when even the overtaking devices of DRS (drag reduction system) & KERS (kinetic energy recovery system)  couldn't aid an exciting race this decision seems to have been made.

"It is just to see how we can help Valencia and, alternating with Barcelona, ​​it is a good solution. The alternation between Valencia and Barcelona would be a good, provided that they all seem fine. " Bernie Ecclestone to Radio Valencia-Cadena

This decision to only hold one Spanish Grand Prix in the Formula 1 calender after 2012 is a huge loss to Spain. This means they will loose a lot of tourism and could affect there economy in a negative way. On the other hand you could spin this on its head and say the strain of holding two races in a single year cost to much and with this cut to one per year will help the nation save money and grow.

Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that the contract for the 2012 season with the Valencia Grand Prix will defiantly be honoured until the end of the contract.

"We talked about many things in the meeting I had with (Valencia Mayor) Rita Barbera, including football, but I was very happy when I confirmed that we would honor the contract we currently have. All is well and everything is paid. There is no doubt." Bernie Ecclestone from GPUpdate.net

Along with the Valencia circuit contract being honoured until its end I believe that the Circuit De Catalunya will still be very much used in Formula 1 despite this agreement. This is because it is well known as the teams favourite test circuit due to its characteristics of high speed & low speed corners mixed with both hot and cold conditions.

This news does not effect the Formula 1 2012 season but despite this it will have a big effect on the following seasons. Do you agree the decision to alternate the Spanish Grand Prix?

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