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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Stefano Domenicali Believes Ferrari Can Challenge

Stefano Domenicali Believes Ferrari Can Challenge

Stefano Domenicali has commented saying although Ferrari may not start off in blinding form in Australia this coming weekend, that they will be able to challenge for both this seasons championships. This has come after a a poor winter testing for Ferrari and signs of struggle during the lead up to Melbourne.

"Let's hope we can do like Italy at the 1982 football world cup: colourless friendly games, three draws in the first three proper games, and then the title,"  Stefano Domenicali to Gazzetta dello Sport

Domenicali has been voiced as saying the main problem for Ferrari during the winter test was the change of exhausts layout after there first design did not deliver the results they wanted and expected. This lead to a quick change of exhausts which has meant a poor progress through preseason but even with this struggle Stefano Domenicali has said that the rethought 1st design of the exhaust will be ready at the end of May. (Monaco GP - 6 rounds into the championship)

"Our technicians need to understand how to intervene with the CFD, then analyse temperatures, prepare the parts and test them. We'll be able to do that only at Mugello testing in May." Stefano Domenicali to Gazzetta dello Sport

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