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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Schumacher Eager To Get Going

Schumacher Eager To Get Going

Michael Schumacher as shown his eagerness to start the new season and is very much looking forward to find the pecking order. This comes after Mercedes - despite running there 2012 car in the first test in Jerez - believe they are in a strong posistion to start challenging the front running teams throughout the 20 event long season.

"Finally, we can stop trying to read the tea leaves from testing and actually go racing," said Schumacher.

The 7 time world champion also praised the Melbourne based Australian Grand Prix saying how it was the perfect event to start the season and how all the drivers love racing there due to the fanatic supporters who attend throughout the sunny weekend.

"Melbourne is a perfect location, and the ideal place to start the season. The city loves Formula One, the fans create a great atmosphere and obviously, as drivers, we feel that too."

Schumacher finally added how he believes the 2012 Mercedes car is in a good posistion and push development throughout the season as the team were able to cover a large mileage through the preseason testing in Jerez & Barcelona.

"During winter testing, we completed lots of miles and built up a really complete set of data, which should put us in a good position for the first race and to develop the car even further in the right direction.

Both Team Principles Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing) & Martin Whitmarsh (McLaren) have been quoted during preseason winter testing praising the shape that Mercedes are in going into the season opener at Albert Park.

How do you see Mercedes & Michael Schumacher doing in Melbourne throughout the weekend? Please feel free to leave a comment on the blog or contact me via Twitter. (Link & name below)

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