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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Brawn Not Happy With Rivals Exhausts

Brawn Not Happy With Rivals Exhausts 

Ross Brawn of Mercedes GP has publicly vented his anger at rivals exhausts designs following his teams stressful opening weekend of the season. Mercedes came across massive criticism after there unique innovative "super f-duct" design, which is worked into there drag reduction system (DRS) on the W03.

This criticism arrived after rivals Lotus Renault & Red Bull believed the way the "super f-duct" operates does not comply with this season regulations. Threats of protests surrounded the opening weekend in Melbourne but Lotus Renault & Red Bull decided not to do so as they "wish to settle this behind closed doors"

Ross Brawn has voiced his unhappiness that his team is being singled out about technical designs this seasons. Brawn has also commented that he does not believe his teams "super f-duct" design is the main technical topic and is being used to take the spotlight off teams exhausts designs.

"Every year that I can remember, there is debate and argument,"

"And probably, to be honest, what we have done is taken the spotlight off the exhaust systems that people are running because they are nowhere near what was intended by the FIA."

Mercedes Technical Director Ross Brawn has also defended all the teams in Formula 1 saying the sport is highly competitive and if anyone spots a gab in the regulations, they will exploit it. This has been shown in the recent past with such innovations as the rear diffuser, f-duct, off-throttle blown exhausts & flexible front wings.

"F1 is very competitive, the people involved in it are extremely competitive, and it is the nature of F1. You have to work to written regulations and, if somebody can see a clever interpretation, then that is the nature of this business."

Despite Brawn confirming Mercedes GP have been told there design is within the regulations and are in no threat of it being banned, but he did reveal that he doesn't expect the exhausts to be banned after investigating.

"We have already been through the FIA and challenged the FIA to its interpretation, they told us that they are comfortable with what has happened, so we respect that.

"We are now looking at the systems people are using to see if we feel that they could be a benefit to us. I suspect they will disappear next year."
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